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Pelaksanaan KM I
Knowledge Management Application Day 1 10 Nov 2014






8.30 am

Pendaftaran dan Taklimat Kursus


9.00 am

Taklimat GST di Speaker’s Corner




03 – 2084 7607 wonglp@intanbk.intan.my


Cukai Perkhidmatan Jualan atau Sales services tax (SST) 10% telah dilaksanakan  sejak tahun 1972

Cukai Perkhidmatan Barangan atau Good services tax (GST) 6% akan bermula  selepas April 2015

Cukai Perkhimatan Kerajaan atau  Government services tax 8%  adalah cukai perkhidmatan tambahan


Sebelum ini keseluruhan cukai yang dikenakan adalah 16% iaitu SST dan GST tetapi mulai April 2015 hanya cukai GST 6% sahaja yang akan dikenakan.



1.     http://www.gst.customs.gov.my

2.     http://www.kpdnkk.gov.my



10.30 am

Minum Pagi


11.00 am

Kajian Kes I : Pelaksanaan Pengurusan Pengetahuan dari Perspektif PETRONAS (MPM)


Penceramah: Puan Adnawiah Adnan ( adnawiah@petronas.com.my )


Case Study I: Implementation of Knowledge Management Programme from PETRONAS (MPM): Aligning People, Process and Technology



1. The case for KM in PMU - to address ever increasing Business Challenges


Ageing facilities, HSE issues & improving reliability to meet production target


Major portion of remaining undiscovered resources in Malaysia are in Deepwater/ Ultra deepwater


Worldwide discoveries continue to decline


High attrition & wide experience/ knowledge gaps between young & senior technical staff



2. PETRONAS applies the Wheel of Knowledge model to express the range of different ways that knowledge can be used and communicated in an organization




3. Using Wheels Of Knowledge, a series of Knowledge Mapping sessions are conducted with stakeholders to uncover KEY knowledge assets that are critical to our operations…..


Findings from K Mapping helped us develop the RIGHT strategy and intervention to manage the WHO and the WHAT …


Findings from K mapping helped us develop the RIGHT strategy and intervention to manage the WHO and the WHAT …


Knowledge Strategy sessions are also conducted with management team to align KM focus with organizational strategy


4. Our KM Strategy enlists KM Vision, Mission, Key Strategic Thrusts, Value Based KM Solutions and Focus Area to steer KM direction, focus the efforts & sustain the momentum towards achieving KM end state




A holistic KM approach aligning people, process, technology – supported by intensive change management helped us do the THINGS RIGHT..



5. People – changing the right people, the right way, at the right moment



Education & Awareness

-KM TOOLS Training

-KM awareness class

-Cross Functional Pgms

-Special briefing



KM Conversation with top management


KM Moments

One on one meeting with teams on knowledge requirement / challenges


PMU Sharing Summit

-Yearly event

-Highlight Success Stories, Best Practice and LL



Open Day / Exhibition KM exhibitions / promotions during special occasion such as Eid Gathering, Townhall


Community of Practice (CoP)

-Over 100 technical CoPs in PETRONAS

-Some CoPs with PSCs


-Quarterly progress tracking

-Deliverables include best practice documentation, PTS




6.    Process – transforming the way people works



Knowledge Mapping

Assess operational knowledge requirements, gaps and KM interventions


Business Process Workflow

-LOF process flows

-Highlight Integration points (exploration, development, production, HSE, Planning)

-Tie to key knowledge artifacts

-Over 500 total processes at Level 0, level 1, Level 2 details




Lesson Learnt

- Before project

- During project

- After project

- Track LL reuse




Transfers critical tacit knowledge via a structured interview / sharing session

Good Practice worth repeating

- good practice site

- KPI on good practice replication



7. Expresso (Experience Sharing Session) enables timely and massive knowledge capture & transfer of key critical knowledge. Via Expresso, know-how are transferred on the ‘spot’ as well as captured and preserved for future reference



8.  Technology – enabling a single destination for all knowledge requirement




9. Change Management – an influential mechanism for the masses to subscribe KM




Key Take Aways



If you are not sure where/how to initiate KM, start with K mapping

Technology alone does not change behavior

Address your users’ knowledge ‘pains’ – not your ‘wish list’

Focus mainly on connecting people and local knowledge

Focus on KM solutions that enable massive transfer of knowledge

People respond positively when their supervisors are supportive – so target on the boss

Context is more important than content



1.00 pm

Makan tengahari


2.30 pm


4.30 pm

Kajian Kes II : Pelaksanaan Pengurusan Pengetahuan (Knowledgement Programme) dari Perspektif Universiti Malaysia Pahang


Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Maseri Binti Wan Mohd (maseri@ump.edu.my)
Pengarah, Pusat Teknologi Maklumat & Komunikasi (PTMK)
Universiti Malaysia Pahang  (013-6302817)


Case Study I: Implementation of Knowledge Management Programme from University Malaysia Pahang


-          mY Knowledge Rep ( http://www.mykrep.com/ )

-          divine and faith

-          bring your own device

-          dealing with knowledge is using WiFi

-          knowledge dashboard of a student

-          meeting with a lot of people plus marketing







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