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Classify Me
Knowledge Management Application Day 2 11 Nov 2014b

11.00 am 11 November 2014


Classify Me

Nurhaisyam Safreean
 Software Architect & Owner Grid & Ideas Solution


Understanding Metadata Metadata is "data about data".


The are two types :


Structural metadata - about the design and specification of data structures or "data about the containers of data”

Descriptive metadata about individual instances of application data or the data content.


In context of M-Files, metadata is used as a concept of


A Simple Example: What is it?




But where is it stored?






So Where Is Alex? He's hard to find, but very easy to describe…precisely





With Folders It's Not So Easy…Where Is It?



All ECM systems today use folders, except for M-Files


Classify Me

•Break into 4 big groups.

•The purpose is to discuss the metadata that may relate to the items.

•An item will be given to you every 5 minutes.

•After all items are presented, only 5 minutes will be given for preparing a presentation.

•Presentation on the metadata will be 3 minutes per group.

•Volunteers are needed to present the group’s findings.



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