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Activities and Group Work


Activities and Group Work


A)    i) Each group needs to identify four (4) tools for each category

-          Screen- sharing tools

-          Web-conferencing tools


ii) Do group presentation

-          Tools description

-          Types of license (Proprietary, Freeware, Shareware, Open source)

-          Give recommendation for the best tool


“ In between ~ Blue Ocean strategy fails because it doesn’t use the analysis and evaluation techniques, it just describe  huhuhuhuhuu … “


B)    Café World


i)                    Use visual map or doodle draw

ii)                  Create café host, table host, members and design team


“ In between ~ don’t just sit around in the same group, tendency for mental block … “


C)    What is your perspective experience on Knowledge Management in your organization


-          Define the question and the elements asked

-          Identify related issues on the topic

-          Give your suggestion, ideas and recommendations

-          Examples of issues :


How is the individual in your organization perceived knowledge

What Knowledge Management implementation pattern did you encounter

How and what kind of Knowledge Management training did you implement

What is your top management view and initiative on Knowledge Management


D)    Recollection to generate Lesson Learnt via Podcast or Youtube


i)        appoint an interviewer and interviewee

ii)      use a recorder

iii)    structured questions that need to be interviewed

iv)    example of questions

-          name and place of work

-          effect of workshop to your training

-          what is your perspective on Knowledge Management from day 1 till day end

-          what kind of tools that you learned that can established Knowledge Management at your place

-          when do you plan to start launching Knowledge Management at your place


End of Activities and Work Group



A glimpse of a sifu and a teacher ... "thank you for coming and thank you for the chance given .... " — with Zakaria Deraman at INTAN Bukit Kiara.



Ada kawan tanya ... dapat apa Boss?.. gift certificates? .. ni haa yang ada dalam folder ... toing ! toing ! toing !— at INTAN Bukit Kiara.



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